How to Plan a Wedding Under $1,000

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It’s true that planning a wedding can be daunting and overwhelming. According to a research, an average wedding in the United States costs around $30,000. Well, guess what? You can definitely lower that amount to $1,000! You just need to plan certain details in an unconventional approach. You can look for relatives and friends who are determined to help you. By utilizing your creativity, your special day can be more memorable and remarkable.

1. Save on Food and Beverages

Instead of hiring a caterer to serve an expensive and elaborate dinner, you can just prepare the food yourself and ask for help from some of your friends who know their way around the kitchen. You can also ask for help from an experienced wedding event company. Another idea is offering simple snacks, and organizing a potluck wedding. As for the cake, you can bake it yourself or purchase from the nearest store. No need to spend hundreds of dollars for your wedding cake.

2. Wedding Venues and Officiants

There really is no need for you to book an extravagant venue for your upcoming wedding. Churches and public parks usually offer affordable (if not free) reception locations. Backyard and city hall wedding ceremonies and receptions are the cheapest options. However, hotels and restaurants also have private banquet rooms you can consider. Have the reception and wedding at the same location to save more cash.

3. Suits, Tuxedos and Wedding Dresses

Look for second hand shops and different websites for the best deals. If not, you can borrow a dress from a family member or friend close to you. Remember, prom and bridesmaid dresses are cheaper than actual wedding dress and they can come in white. You can consider that, too. Just look for end-of-season formal wear options at wedding outlets and department stores.

For men, renting a good tuxedo can cost around $100. However, if you are a savvy resale shopper, you will know that these tuxedos can also be bought inexpensively.