Do you know what’s sure to increase your libido? Libido boosters. Are there any alternatives? There sure are!

In today’s article, I will talk about some popular foods that are known to boost libido, therefore elevating your sexual experience.

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are easily accessible and they can be a great accompaniment to your noodle dishes. These nuts contain a lot of zinc, which is a mineral that is associated with improved sex drive.

Dark Chocolate

There is a reason why dark chocolates are deemed as natural and effective aphrodisiacs. Most of it is thanks to its phenethylamine content which can help trigger the release of endorphins, otherwise known as the ‘feel-good’ hormones.

What does this mean? Well, it means that if you are eating some dark chocolate, especially before sex, your experience will be elevated thanks to the release of the said hormones.


This is often referred to as ‘natural Viagra’ in the scientific community and that is mainly due to its citrulline content. This natural compound turns into nitric oxide which not only helps relax your blood vessels, but in so doing, can help improve blood flow as well.


Particularly grass-fed steak is rich in iron and zinc which are minerals that help promote oxygen transport in the body, as well as giving you loads of energy for a much longer time.

Aside from that, steaks are rich in protein and B-vitamins which are known to help with endurance. Plus, protein also has the added benefit of stimulating the release of dopamine- a neurotransmitter that controls the pleasure and reward centers of the brain.

Warming Spices

There is a reason why spices are usually used in expressions such as “spicing things up” because there is anecdotal evidence that it can improve certain situations.

For instance, cayenne pepper contains an active compound known as capsaicin which can help improve blood circulation, as well as induce improved metabolism in the body.


Rich in L-arginine which is an amino acid that gets converted to nitric oxide once it enters the body. As you already know, it improves blood circulation all throughout your system.

Aside from that, it also contains Omega-3 fatty acids as well which is part of the healthy fat group that can boost your dopamine levels.


When you reach orgasm, your body releases a lot of different chemicals that can induce feelings of euphoria. One of those chemicals is histamine and did you know that the consumption of Asparagus can also help release histamine as well?

That is thanks to its folate content which is a B vitamin that helps regulate the production of the said chemical in the body.

Aside from making you hornier than usual, asparagus is also rich in vitamin A which can help improve your eyesight. It is also rich in vitamin C which not only helps boost your immune system but also improves blood circulation too.

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