Parenthood changes every bit of your life. Caring of a baby is not only about having a new person to love, it also involves tons of responsibilities. Today, you may see yourself shopping for a new jogging stroller in Malaysia, yet tomorrow, you’ll never know. Most probably, you will struggle once again with breastfeeding problems. Below are some of the many parts of your daily routine that may change. 

  • Less time for yourself

If before you spend an hour in the bathroom each day for a thorough body scrub, well that is most probably going to change. You are bound to spend more time with your little one, changing diapers and dressing her. Oftentimes, one whole day is all about baby care.  

  • Less sleep

Once you become a parent, you would have lesser sleep. Don’t worry, though. You can have frequent naps in the middle of the morning or afternoon. 

  • More respect for your own parents

Caring for your own baby would help you understand more about the sacrifices and love of your parents. Several fathers and mothers reconnect with their own parents after their own child’s birth. See? Parenthood is more than just feeding the kid, and staying up late at night.  

  • Friendships

Since you are caring for your kids, at some point, you would stop seeing some of your friends for a little while. However, many mothers bond more with some friends who also have children. You would feel a stronger connection, since they understand you a lot better. 

  • Healthier lifestyle and diet

Be cautious about the things you are eating while pregnant. Maintain a healthy eating habit. Soon, as your baby grows, you would also want to make sure that every meal being served in the household is healthy. You will be more concerned with ingredients, as well as organic skin care products.

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