Are you looking for the best hosting services in Malaysia? You better choose the best professionals who can help you even with the simplest things, like domain names. It may appear like a very basic matter, but domain names need the utmost focus.

A registered domain is regarded as a brand necessity. If you don’t know anything about domain names yet, make sure to research on it before finalizing a deal with a new web host. 

What is exactly is a domain name?

Do you want to build a new website? Then, you need to register a domain name. Basically, it is a series of recognizable terms that redirects users to your server IP. Upon website creation, web pages come with unique addresses called DNS, or domain name servers. Make sure that your own domain name is easy to type and memorize. 

Domain Name Suggestions

Consider your domain name as your identity. Through this, your target audience can find you. It is one of the most important, if not the most important, part of your website. By choosing the perfect domain name for your brand, you are pushing your business to the right direction. 

Here are some tips:

  • Keep it easy to remember and short.
  • Avoid choosing trademarked names.
  • Get a .net or .com, as much as possible.
  • Don’t hesitate to use compound words, or make up words.
  • Read and write it repeatedly before buying it.
  • Use relevant keywords.

Take note: Your domain name doesn’t need a keyword in order to rank well on search engines. Though, it’s still a better idea to make sure that your domain name is in theme with your core keyword. By doing so, first-time website visitors will immediately have an idea of what your web pages are all about. 

The Best Domain Name Generators

Picking a name for your website is hard, most especially if you are new to the online business field. Chances are, you will spend countless hours brainstorming for a good one, only end up with crappy ones. Below 6 domain name generators that will help you come up with unique ideas. 

  1. Lean Domain Search
  2. Shopify Business Name Generator
  3. Domainr
  4. Wordoid
  5. Name Station
  6. Dot-o-mator
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