Safari is Apple’s exclusive web browser. Although it has been outclassed by many other browsers, especially Google Chrome, it still holds a special place for some people. It is still quite popular and it has some unique features that are just not present in others.

In the recent WWDC, the company has announced some new and exciting changes for both web designers and developers. I will talk more about them in this article so please feel free to stick around. This is also agreed by the web design agency.

1. Unlocking Unprefixed CSS and CSS Filters

Probably, the biggest change that was announced is the unlocking of Unprefixed CSS and CSS filters. For those of you who do not know, our browsers have certain functions that is not yet supported in others, but is already present in some.

Those new features that are only present in some are thanks to some “prefixed” CSS and CSS filters. However, with the new Unprefixed CSS elements, you can now try and implement new features without the fear that other browsers cannot catch up.

This essentially gives Safari a much bigger stage to flex its digital muscles since front-end developers can safely incorporate new elements without the fear of inducing bugginess and incompatibilities across the board.

2. Improved CSS Scroll Snapping

Ever been to a website with poor navigation in that whenever you scroll to a new webpage, it doesn’t feel snappy? Well, CSS Scroll Snapping helps fix that.

In essence, CSS Scroll Snapping is just a way for a page to “snap” in place whenever you view new content when you’re scrolling.

First implemented back in 2015, the feature has now been refined to support most if, not all, websites you can find over the internet.

3. Huge Improvements for HTML5 Video

We’re slowly transitioning towards the HTML5 format as it is much easier to code for and it is a lot more stable than the original HTML standard. That being said, the new update promising new custom controls whenever you watch HTML5 videos.

Furthermore, Safari will now have the ability for PiP or Picture-in-Picture. This basically means that you can safely watch two videos simultaneously; having one as a small video while the other one is more prominent.

4. New Javascript and Ecmascript Events

Without getting too technical, front-end developers can make use of different computer properties, classes, number objects, weak sets, and other Javascript events on the new browser.

Also, MacBooks and other recent Apple laptops will have the ability to use force or sensitive touch on the trackpad. Applying different force or pressure on the trackpad may yield different results.

5. Some Changes to the Developer Mode

With a push for more Responsive Design, web designers now have the ability to switch layouts across different viewports. Apple has done this to their newer devices by default.

Aside from that, the Web Inspector did have some graphical enhancements and improvements on the new update as well; making it much easier for both designers and developers to use as they please.

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