Poker Strategy 101: From Big Blind Math to 16-30 Big Blinds

Once a player’s stack reaches 30 big blinds or lower, a few strict rules may be applied. This becomes the center of your poker tournament, since in various instances, you need to play against everyone with 30 big stacks and below.

Applying and understanding poker’s fundamental rules can mold you in a competitive shape against all the other players. All the rules have a mathematical basis, so once you learn and apply them, your experienced opponents will have a difficult time taking advantage of you and your play.

At the end of the day, you still need to play and further improve your poker skills especially if you are playing at togel singapore. You need to adjust once in a while. Are the players you are competing against passive or aggressive? Loose or tight? Make sure that you understand the following rules. These will increase your chances of winning.

The 30 Big Blinds Poker Strategy

In this strategy, it is not right to 3-bet, and then fold.

Once a player chooses to open-raises, if you re-raise a 3-bet, you will usually acquire better than 2-1 on your remaining chips. When it comes to 2-1 odds, very little hands are not worth calling.

The 16-22 Big Blinds Strategy

This particular stack size is great for 3-bet shoving or squeezing. Why? It is good because you will have adequate chips to push your opponents to fold. It is also small enough for a good reward and risk ratio.

Once a player raises or lumps in the pot, there is a chance to increase your own stack through a big percentage, merely by gathering folds.

This strategy can help you win quite a lot of times once called. It is a crucial one to have under your arsenal, since through this, you can see players getting more aggressive using medium stacks.

When it comes to live poker, you should stick more to squeezes, not resteals. People who play live appear to open so much tighter, and then fold less often when a raise is encountered.

This kind of play highly depends on acquiring folds. If a player refuses to fold, it’s not good. When live players choose to limp, it means that they want to witness a flop. They will choose to fold when denied this opportunity.

It is also evident that poker players who play online are more aggressive. You wouldn’t get an opportunity to squeeze in the later part of the poker tournament. This aggressions means opening looser and taking advantage of resteals.

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