An artist’s work is hard, especially if they are out of inspiration. However, what they can do to spark that interest is to get as many photos, images, and the like that grabs their attention. They can just piece them all together and who knows, they might come up with ideas soon after.

What I’ve just described above is actually called mood boarding. It essentially means that you grab whatever image you can online and putting them together to find inspiration. This is very important in website design services, especially if you’re designing for a client that you know nothing about.

For instance, if your forte is about fashion and trendy clothes and you’re asked to do a design for a certain plumbing service, you will be having a hard time since that is a niche that you’re not familiar with.

However, it can be done with the use of mood boarding and if you want to solve your own creative problems using the board, then read on to find out how to create one.

1. Research and Gather

The first step to creating a mood board is to research and gather. Let’s take the plumbing design as an example here.

Since you know nothing about that, but you have an idea of what a plumber does, you can use that as a search term to find inspiration on the internet.

One platform that you can use to help you with that is Pinterest. A lot of designers are actually using this website to gather as many images as they can, depending on the search term that they’ve used.

So for this example, you can use the word “plumbing” and find as many images that you feel that will help you in the creative process.

2. What’s Your Vision?

The necessary next step would be to create your vision. After you’ve gathered your images, it is important that you know how you’re going to piece everything together.

Suppose that you want the design to be modern and crisp, then use those images that will satisfy those criteria.

Let your creative juices flow but also keep in mind what the client ultimately wants so that both of you will be satisfied in the end.

3. Find More If Needed

Of course, the images that you’ve collected by using only one term may not be enough to give you an absolute idea on what to do.

If you’re still stuck in the creative development, you can brainstorm new search terms so that you can find images on Pinterest.

These search terms need to be closely related to the original search words you’ve used. For example, you could use “Blue shirts” since most professional plumbers wear blue shirts as their uniform.

Whatever it is, you have to come up with suitable and related search terms to help you find more relevant images to use for your mood board.

4. Time to Make It!

After everything’s done, you can finally get started. Back in the day, people would have to get images in magazines, newspapers, and leaflets. But we now live in the modern age.

So, what you do is find a mood boarding platform that allows you to create one online or on your computer.

Next, piece together the images that are relevant to your vision. You are the one who is in complete control, so experiment until you find the right one. Go to town with it, get messy, whatever it is that you need to do in order to have it finished, then do it.


Creating a mood board is easy. You have to research and gather first, create a vision of the final goal, find more images if you need it, and piece everything together until you create something that resembles the final product.

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